Friday, July 9, 2010

Bad Habits

Bad Habits

I'm her bad habits

Just a big part of her vices

I'm what she goes to her girlfriends for

To get all the advice she needs

Her friends giver her food for thought

Her mind they feed

I'm her bad habit

She always ask when will she see me again

Like she singing wit Lenny Kravits

I'm something she wants to forget

But feigns for me like I'm her cigarettes

Laced with nicotine

I lay in between, her legs on occasions

To give her body a vacation

From the main land

From her main man

I'm just her bad habit like cursing

Her nerves I'm always working

For her only to get over it, After I kiss all over it

Her bad habits will she ever get over it?

Wade "NightWriter" Townsend II


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Dreams are emotions
Dreams are thoughts
I reach for my dreams
That’s what I’ve been taught
I run fast to chase my dreams
Cause dreams are meant to be caught
Dreams are meant to be fought for
And never meant to be forbidden
I write my dreams down
So with me there’s no forgetting
See people thought Martin Luther King’s dream was deferred
I say his full name because it needs to be heard
Mr. King was a dream himself
He had a dream himself, and through Barack Hussein Obama his dream was kept...
Alive, by you the youth, and your parents instilling it in you that positive progression can go a long way

Wade Townsend II
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Wade "NightWriter" Townsend II

Tongue Route

Tongue Route
I was warming your neck, with my soft caress
Then I noticed your breast needed to be kissed
They were close together like fruit in a basket
I slightly pucker my lips
And suckled the dark horizon
Where the areola meets the breast
This sensitive area, I love to press with my tongue
And leave it a little damp
I blow a cool breeze across them
To turn you on like a lamp
As I try to go down, you pull me back up
Then your lips grasp mine
Our kisses are strong and time-consuming
Leaving no time for breathing
We sound like mini bulls as we breathe with our noses
So let me take my tongue from your mouth
Pulling it gently out
Grazing over your rose petal lips
Not staying away for too long
My tongue runs back
Circulating your lips then glides down
Through a soft valley of tenderness
Passing by your navel and your pelvic bone
With my lips and tongue to my final destination
Where I kiss between the valley of the shadow of life
Where the brain signal of words are lost
I have a bad network
You are personal to me
So no need to describe your wet worth
I’m a gentleman and I see love on the horizon
So you’ll need to stop being nosey like that incoming beep on Verizon

Wade Townsend II
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Wade "NightWriter" Townsend II

Monday, June 1, 2009

Skeletons in her closet

She said, I got skeletons in my closet
Don’t know what I’m a do with all this
Pain that I’m concealing
Forbidden never revealing
It hurts like my skin is pealing
So I say this to ease my feelings

I said, I love you for sharing your past
But I’m not really caring about your skeletons
Because their just old “bones”
Ex friends with benefits
And I had a few of those
But that’s the extent of it
Your mine, I’m yours
And my hearts your home

So we could care a less,
About what happened before we became an item
Those old “bones”, peace is where they rest at last
R.I.P. to the death of lust
And now entering our world
As we birth our trust

Wade "NightWriter" Townsend II

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The quote on quote “good guy” finishing last again...

We’re like a movie and my role is…

The quote on quote “good guy”

I know I’m your friend, and I do the right things

Like give you great advice

I definitely have helped you when needed

And what does it bring?

Brings you to the mindset of me using lines

Sometimes, I get a fake smile or cute laugh

As your friend I would like a hug

You know the kind, where you rub my back

I’ve been around through his mistakes

I wish you would wake up!

What does it take?

Even been there when he hit you with the…

“We need a break”

“It’s me not you”

“I need time to find me”

“I found someone new”

Thats when I thought, we could be together

Guess what do you do?

Your heart grows cold

I go from your friend, to your future, to becoming apart of your past

I hate it when this happens, but the truth is, Us Good Guys, we all finish dead last

Wade NightWriter Townsend

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Day The Devil Stopped By

The day was hot and the night was much to cold

My flesh cried out son the devil is after your soul

So I began to shake and shiver with fear

And pack my things quietly, so the devil couldn’t hear

Moving through my house just like I’m a robber

Trying to find something that I could crawl under

I’m not a momma’s boy, but I wish I could call her

The striking of the lighting and the roaring of the thunder

Under the cover I go, so I could relax

The fact of the matter is this is not an act

Of kindness, all my sins run through my mind as

If I was reminded, that I thought the lord was blinded

To what everyone else could see, so I pause and pondered

As I prayed for forgiveness

Then I stopped hiding, and I stood up proudly and wondered

Why else was the devil picking on me?

Was it fear he wanted to see?

I clinched my fist and stuck out my chest

If it’s a fight the devil wants, it’s a fight he’ll get

The devil arrived at a quarter to nine saying…I’m ready to take your soul with me this time

The devil shouted, are you ready to die and come with me?

Don’t be scared to face this reality

I looked the devil straight in the eye, and showed him my cross

That was linked tightly to my choker chain

The devil knew the fight was over now, before it even began

I thanked the Lord for saving me, and giving me his helping hand

And I didn’t even ask what happened or why

All I know is, the devil said I was just passing by

Wade "NightWriter" Townsend II

Sunday, February 22, 2009

She asked me

My ex-girl asked me what I have been doing all this time. And where have I been?
I replied writing, working wishing and wondering
She said what does that mean, you wishing on a star?
I said naw I’m writing, writing my life, what I see hear and feel
I’m working, working, on myself and the betterment of me as a man
And I’m wishing, wishing wellness upon every female I have ever hurt in anyway
I give you my blessings and apologies in every way
Do you accept?... Wait, wait! Keep that to yourself
That’s a feeling that’s not ready to be felt
No matter what the reply is, I just want you to know
I truly am sorry for not being what “That guy is”
You know the guy you are seeking or may already have
I probably blew it by creeping, but that was my past
And I sit back and laugh now, when I see my brother acting like I used to
So I stopped and passed down; my knowledge to him, that bruised you
I refuse to; watch him follow in my foot steps
And lose who? I don’t know; but she could be his one
I can’t choose you! I had my chance and I’m not the one
Then she told me I forgot one, I said what
She said wondering.
I told her I was wondering, wondering why I’m on the phone with her
And not the one I’m with, I gotta go thanks a bunch
Thanks for helping me realize that change has come and for the advice.
I know you’re my ex and my friend but, this relationship I can’t sacrifice.
Now I'm on to my next friend, my new best friend and my one I can't sacrifice.

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Wade "NightWriter" Townsend II