Friday, July 9, 2010

Bad Habits

Bad Habits

I'm her bad habits

Just a big part of her vices

I'm what she goes to her girlfriends for

To get all the advice she needs

Her friends giver her food for thought

Her mind they feed

I'm her bad habit

She always ask when will she see me again

Like she singing wit Lenny Kravits

I'm something she wants to forget

But feigns for me like I'm her cigarettes

Laced with nicotine

I lay in between, her legs on occasions

To give her body a vacation

From the main land

From her main man

I'm just her bad habit like cursing

Her nerves I'm always working

For her only to get over it, After I kiss all over it

Her bad habits will she ever get over it?

Wade "NightWriter" Townsend II


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